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virality to mobile advertising

Kazoolink is the new monster ad unit emerging from the sea to serve advertisers, publishers and mobile users in one easy, strong and beautiful way, simply by taking advantage of our awesome new platform.

Founded in Paris by a team of experienced mobile advertising geeks and savvy app developers with a positive anything-is-possible attitude, we are ready to serve developers and advertisers with the technology and service they need to reach their objectives and grow bigger.

We give our advertisers an effective and powerful solution to reach quality users and virally engage their audience. With our app wall sharing option, for the first time, users can share promoted apps to their friends, family and their audience, providing advertisers engaged and happy users. So in the end, our advertisers increase their traffic and get extensive visibility.

Our new platform is made with the most advanced interface, using an innovative in-house technology that is both secure and easy to use.

App developers can monetize their apps with increased revenue and also promote their app while seeing the results instantly and in real-time, with the simple use of our innovative platform.

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