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Revenue Increase With User Engagement, made by Kazoolink

We reinvents the app wall rewarding system by creating our Share wall.

Well, how does it work? Whenever your users are out of credits they redirect to Kazoolink Share Wall, share some top recommended apps to their friends and continue playing your app. That's All :).

Whenever their friend makes an install they’ll receive the reward automatically and you get up to $5 CPI. ( non incent payouts !).

Why it is revolutionary? As a user, you keep playing for free without spending precious time on advertisement and will receive tones of rewards with just 1 click..

As an app developer your revenue will insanely increase because our sharing system allows to work with non-incent CPI campaigns with crazy payouts that you will multiply by the number of install people make. On top of that we choose the easiest integration solution, it’s just an HTML5 ad unit + we support Unity, Mopub and more !.

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Kazoolink Platform

A secure and innovative platform, architectured from A to Z that simplifies app developers monetization management. You can easily access fully detailed reports of your apps monetization activity and statuses in real-time. Get started today with only 5 clicks!

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