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Viral advertising

We bring high-quality users, increased traffic and post-installs engagement with repetitive and scalable business in a long-term perspective. We fit the ROI dream of our advertisers by making ads go viral and bringing engaging users directly to their apps!

Enter the Kazoolink Advertising 3.0 universe now. From native to display ads, discover viral advertising, increase your brand awareness and reach quality users, all at the same time.

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Kazoolink technology

Kazoolink’s platform gives advertisers the fastest way to acquire new users and make their app go viral. Using our campaign management system is easy and gives access to campaign statuses in real-time, with real-time bidding systems. Advertisers can easily keep track of their campaign data and progress.

Our simple and innovative platform is 100% compatible with all mobile tracking solutions, with post-install actions, self-service advertisement and a lot more.

Join our growing community today and get access to engaged users and give stronger visibility to your apps.

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